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China is rubber chemicals industry take the road of development of clean production

Source:  Sentiment:Rubber chemicals are processed with excellent flexibility and performance of rubber products to be added during a series of fine chemical products in general, including curing and curing agents, accelerators, antioxidants, processing aids and special Date :2016年04月25日

Rubber chemicals are processed with excellent flexibility and performance of rubber products to be added during a series of fine chemical products in general, including curing and curing agents, accelerators, antioxidants, processing aids and special features additives five categories of hundreds of varieties of products, rubber industry is an important and indispensable raw materials. China is rubber chemicals industry from scratch, from small to large and from weak to strong, and have gone through a period of extraordinary development. At present, China has become the world center of the rubber chemicals industry.

From scratch, from weak to strong

China Rubber Industry started in 1915, Guangdong brothers plastics company, but it was China is rubber chemicals entirely dependent on imports. In 1952, Nanjing and Shenyang Chemical plants ordered newborn pioneered the development of antioxidant A and D, accelerator M, although when production is only 38 tons, but created a new era of China is rubber chemicals industry, the end of all the dependence on imports situation, have built Lanzhou organic chemical dye factory in Sichuan and the like was gradually formed of rubber chemicals "Legend."

In 1970, China is output of 12,000 tons of rubber chemicals, mainly antioxidant and accelerator products. A number of research institutes and gradually developed into the rubber chemicals, especially in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Institute of Chemical Engineering, Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute and Northwest Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute have developed many varieties of products, our rubber chemicals development has laid a good foundation.

In 1985, China is rubber chemicals production is still only 2 million tons, most of the products imported. Since then, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry Organization National rubber chemicals industry, research institutes and manufacturers of raw materials of about 50 units of scientific and technological, but also some of the projects included in the national scientific and technological projects. About five years to complete the 21 categories of technology development 68 rubber chemicals products, to 1992 to build 27 new products in the test line, when the rubber chemicals production reached 33,000 tons, and gradually expand the industrial scale on demand . With rubber processing aids the development form a climate, to 1995, China is rubber chemicals production capacity has reached 100,000 tons, output of over 60,000 tons, with the exception of special varieties basically achieve self-sufficiency.

In 2000, China is rubber chemicals total production capacity of 150,000 tons, output of 110,000 tons, more than 200 varieties of products, achieved sustained and stable growth, the basic form a complete system. Radial tire of domestic raw materials is a glorious chapter in the history of the rubber chemicals industry, there have been four projects during the National Science and Technology Progress Award, which are insoluble sulfur IS series, cobalt salts adhesion promoter, a tackifying resin and a silane coupling linking agent Si69 production technology. After the completion of the project, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry issued "on the recognition of the radial tire localization of advanced units and advanced individual briefing", 25 "advanced unit" and 62 "radial tires of domestic raw materials advanced individual" history.

June 26, 2001, China Rubber Industry Association Professional Committee of rubber chemicals in Hangzhou, the establishment of 56 member units to become the first member. Rubber additives special committee in the early days that "vigorously promote clean production of rubber chemicals," and in the course of practice and gradually formed a development approach to the industry: "adhere to scientific and technological progress, environmental protection, safety, energy-centered development of green chemical, breakthroughs in key technologies, creating the world is rubber chemicals industry powerhouse. "

Since then, the development of China is rubber chemicals industry has entered the fast lane, production in 2001 more than 10 million tons to 2013 exceeded one million tons, accounting for more than 70% of global production. At present, the accelerator TBBS and CBS, and 6PPD antioxidant TMQ, scorch retarder CTP and other major products are the first in the world, industry concentration has been greatly improved. 2014 annual production of 1.13 million tons, the top two enterprise sales exceeded 2 billion yuan, 500 million yuan more than the product concentration of 8 large enterprises has reached 70%, improve the industry concentration greatly enhance the overseas Chinese rubber rubber processing enterprises additives trust and dependence.

Cleaner production is the eternal theme

Cleaner Production concept included in the "Agenda 21" in 1992, the United Nations Environment and Development Conference, the General Assembly noted that "Cleaner Production refers to specific preventive environmental strategy applied to continuous production processes, products and services to increase eco-efficiency and reduction risk "people and the environment. Rubber chemicals belong to the field of fine chemicals, raw materials, mainly benzene, aniline, carbon disulphide, phenols, aldehydes and derivatives thereof, from the raw material constituting the importance of clean production of rubber chemicals seen its cleaner production should include the product structure, process and "three wastes" aspects of governance.

On the one hand, the industry actively adjust the product structure to replace toxic and hazardous products. Since the problem involves a number of carcinogenic nitrosamines rubber chemicals products, so secondary amines accelerators become the focus adjustment, which due to the production of large accelerator NOBS, heavy damage, was listed as a top priority, and its promotion of substitute products agent NS. 2005, the Ministry of Science and accelerator NS-ton production technology included in the national scientific and technological support. 2006 accelerant NS product grew from a few thousand tonnes to 2.5 million tons in 2007 reached 42,000 tons, fully meet the industry is alternative accelerator NOBS needs and export. Other alternatives will produce nitrosamines products such as accelerators TBzTD DTDC and other products have been developed, basically solved the problem of carcinogenic nitrosamines alternative products. 2008 accelerator NOBS containing β- naphthylamine antioxidant D has been included in the Ministry of Environmental Protection of high pollution, high environmental risk product catalog, to be produced from the regulatory constraints, other toxic and harmful substitute products also continue to achieve results. At present, the rate of green rubber chemicals products has reached more than 92%, mainly aid the company is products comply with EU REACH regulations for downstream enterprises to provide a safe and reliable auxiliary products to protect the user is health.

On the other hand, vigorously develop clean production technologies, to prevent pollution from the source. The development and implementation of cleaner production process route is to ensure that aid the production process green important measure, China is rubber chemicals industry through cleaner production led to the development of the industry, and gradually lead the Chinese rubber chemicals to the world.

Over the years, the rubber chemicals industry has assumed the national scientific and technological projects, national industrialization projects, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the State "863" project, the National SME Innovation Fund projects over a hundred items, a strong impetus to the rubber chemicals industrial technological progress. April 2007 National Science and Technology approved the establishment of the National Engineering Research Center for rubber chemicals in Yanggu Huatai Chemical companies support unit, creating technological innovation platform for the industry, to promote the industry, technological progress and cleaner production plays an important role. Since 1985, National Science and Technology Progress Award was established, rubber chemicals industry won six national awards programs and hundreds of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements.

Among them, the radial tire project of domestic raw materials silane coupling agent (Si69) is closed cleaning process successfully making China the largest producer of rubber coupling the top three; p-phenylene diamine antioxidant intermediate cleaning RT- Culture Division production technology enables production of a large variety of antioxidant 6PPD a leading position, and has made the United States "Section 337 case" of victory, defending intellectual property rights; refined for the M-ton production line alternative to traditional solvent acid alkali refining route (1 tons of finished products will produce about 30 tons of waste water), the basic realization of zero discharge of wastewater, the technical and technological achievements by China petroleum and chemical industry Federation of identification, reached the international advanced level.

Cleaner Production overall level of China is rubber chemicals have been standing in the world, but compared with the new environmental law requirements are still many deficiencies. Clean production technology has made a number of important results, but the distance from the comprehensive application still need to increase efforts to promote; cleaner production technologies investment funds is clearly insufficient; some SMEs to new environmental laws surviving chances, not lead to market fair competition, this situation must be resolved through industry self-regulation.

In short, the development of China is rubber chemicals industry is derived from the green, clean production, they still need to adhere to the sustainable development of scientific and technological progress, adhere to clean production, clean production is the eternal theme of the rubber chemicals industry.

Intelligence and microreactor boom lift

April 2014, the rubber chemicals industry automation, intelligent as a new starting point, industry experts and large enterprises organize learning experiences Dawn Nanjing Chemical Group Construction intelligent plant proposed to sales per capita profit, tons of power products consumption as a new target. From now to the end of "Thirteen Five", rubber chemicals production and sales increase rate will remain above 7%, leading backbone of large enterprises will reach more than 8%, industry concentration of the top 10 large companies of 70% to 80 % of sales from the current 800,000 yuan per capita increased to 100 million to 150 million, through technical innovation, promotion of cleaner production technology to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption per ton of product, green products more than 95%. Currently large companies basically controls the automated production process, and continue to transition from batch production to continuous production.

In the 1990s to create a micro-chemical reaction technique is one of the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries most innovative technology. With traditional batch reactor production process is completely different, microreactor technology is the percussive flow of chemical reactions within the micron channel reactors. Since the reaction vessel space is very small, very uniform mixing materials by the collision, the contact reaction is complete, successfully resolved the traditional crafts and explosive reaction is not complete and other technical problems. The chemical development process inefficient batch synthesis process into like petrochemicals as controlled, continuous flow process, a chemical process to achieve energy saving, chemical system miniaturization and green, and increased process security, response time can be reduced from several hours to several tens of seconds, demonstrating the micro-chemical technology exciting side.

Microreactor opened efficient chemical era, in terms of traditional chemical plant is revolutionary subversion. Internationally Corning, Bayer has achieved industrialization precedent, China has a number of production lines gradually put into operation since 2001. In the art of sync with the world. The next 5 to 10 years, will be the first micro-chemical reaction technique popularized in the field of fine chemicals, nano-materials. China is rubber chemicals industry, in particular the accelerator industry mostly traditional batch production, development and application of micro-chemical reaction technology has very important significance.

The next five years will be China is rubber chemicals industry to a new five-year goal to climb, the industry should continue to adhere to scientific and technological progress, environmental protection, safety, energy saving and intelligent building as the center of the development of green chemical industry, and gradually create a micro-chemical reaction technology, for production technology made a major breakthrough.

Let the father of China National Chemical Industry Mr. Fan Xudong is words as this article Conclusion: "Each of us live in modern times, should be for the country to do a career, not only for our community, our country should be extended to hope ...... groups colleagues, ready to update the task of establishing the cause of the update, the vision enlarge point, do not we have a little honor to meet, we should live up to the past a little history, to create, to develop an updated future. "